It is very likely that Amazon owes you money, as some products are lost in their stores or have not really been returned by the customers themselves.

Our Money Retriever automatically and without exception analyses all the reports in the FBA panel and discovers any errors where you are not entering as much as you should.

How does it works?

The MarktMaat Money Recoverer automatically analyses your sales and inventory reports and detects any errors in FBA. If there is one, the tool generates a claim report, based on Amazon policies, to request a refund and to be able to recover your money easily.

Most common FBA errors

You may be surprised to discover that Amazon also makes logistical mistakes. But their huge volume of packages every day, as well as the number of different warehouses they have, means that these mistakes occur with a certain frequency - and they are costing you money!

NOT received shipments

Have you checked if all the units you have sent to the warehouse have been accounted for by Amazon? Approximately 1.5% of the stock sent is not correctly registered.

Lost Inventory

Amazon has millions of products in its stores. And every day, thousands of products are lost in their logistics centres.

Damaged Products

In Amazon stores, your product may be damaged, which forces you to generate returns and refunds to customers.

Returns Out of Time

Returns accepted by Amazon outside the maximum return period of the platform, which is currently set at 45 days.

Changes in FBA rates

Errors in the calculation of FBA rates for packages, , depending on the weight and size of the article. Don't pay an extra for someone else's fault!

Errors during transport

These are all units that have been damaged during shipping. And that means the definitive loss of that product in your stock.


Productos dañados

En los almacenes de Amazon o por otra causa tu producto puede resultar deteriorado y no recibir tu reembolso correspondiente.


Es un trabajo complejo realizar un seguimiento de manera manual, por lo que la mayoría de las empresas la obvia

Inventario perdido

Amazon tiene millones de productos en sus almacenes, ¿Sabes realmente si todo tu inventario está en su centro logístico?

Envíos NO recibidos

¿Has comprobado si todas las unidades que has enviado las ha recibido Amazon? Se calcula que un 2% de tu stock nunca llegó a Amazon.

How can I get my money back?

Follow these 5 simple steps to find out and claim the part of your money that has been lost along the way.


Create a user account in Marktmaat to be able to use the Money Recovery tool.

My account


Link your Amazon account with the Marktmaat tool. This process is done via the API and you will find all the information in your own control panel.

Find out how much Amazon owes you

Once linked, the Money Recovery tool will analyse all your Amazon FBA Seller reports in less than a minute. Communicating you if there are any recoverable refunds and the amount of them.

Download your claim report

Download the complete report which includes all the data regarding the type of error and products affected. Totally ready to be submitted to Amazon.

Claim your money

Open a case in your Amazon Seller Central account and attach our report requesting a refund for all the products collected in it. In less than 48 hours you will be able to get your money back.


Marktmaat applies a pricing policy based on a Success model. This means that if the customer does not recover any money, he will not have to pay anything at all.

On the other hand, we have the cheapest Amazon product refund service rates on the market.

Firstly, knowing the amount of money that Amazon owes you is a 100% free service, which you can start right now by creating your Marktmaat user account.

The complete download of the claim report that collects every single FBA error from your Amazon Seller account, costs 10% of the total real money Amazon owes you.


Our tool takes care of the automatic analysis and comparison of all records of your Amazon Seller Central account and the creation of the detailed claim report.

No, ya que esto incumple las políticas y normativa de Amazon.

It must be the user himself who presents it to the company, opening a case in his FBA account. However, we offer all the advice and help to carry out this process.

We use the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) API interface and extract the data from Amazon Seller Central reports that are relevant to our research.

The use of the tool is free of charge and not subject to any monthly payment or service subscription.

Creating and downloading the full complaint report costs 10% net of the money Amazon owes you. The cheapest rate of all our competitors in the world.

Currently, it is possible to pay through Paypal, guaranteeing a safe and reliable service to all our customers.

servicio de consultoria profesional para amazon


We have a commitment to transparency with all our clients. If the final amount received is less, we undertake to return the corresponding part of this fee. In this way, you can be sure that you will pay ONLY 10% of the money you have received into your account.

Access your Amazon Seller Central account and open a claim case asking for a refund as a result of all FBA errors in our report. This must be attached to the message itself.

The average time for our customers is 10 minutes. This includes the registration and activation of the Marktmaat account, the link between accounts, the payment for the generation of the report and the filing of the official complaint with Amazon – really quick and easy!

No. The Money Recoverer can be used for accounts that also operate in the French, Italian, German, Spanish and UK markets. It will soon be available for Amazon USA as well.

The calculations are based on the average sales price over a certain period, which is not always effective over the entire period. However, the margin of error of our tool is below 5%.

You can unlink both accounts at any time and delete your profile on Marktmaat at any time.

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